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GSA Schedule Services

GSA Schedules are long term contracts used by government agencies to procure the goods and services they need in order to achieve their goals.

What’s so attractive about these contracts is that they are issued with a five-year base period and the potential of three additional five-year extensions.

This means that as long as you continue to meet the minimum requirements of the GSA and the agency involved, a GSA Schedule contract could last for as long as twenty years.


What’s also great about GSA Schedules is that the pool of businesses competing for them is much smaller than the competition for other government contracts.

The main challenge, of course, is that it can require additional time and effort to identify and take the necessary steps to secure one of these contracts.

Which is why we’re here to help.

Our experienced team of government contracts experts will help you navigate the GSA Schedules process step by step, leaving you free to do what you do best.


Are you ready to explore how GSA Schedules can bring long-term growth and stability to your business?

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  • “The Archangel Group has been a blessing to work with. Their help navigating us through the long and strenuous process of setting up to do work with the D.O.D. is invaluable.

    “Ricardo Mong’s extensive background knowledge has proven invaluable in our endeavors to do work with the Government. Ricardo and his team have also assisted us with our marketing goals from the very start upon first signing with the AAG.

    “His marketing team helped us re-build our website from scratch, create Google Ads, and ultimately helped us stand out from the crowd in a competitive market niche in Miami, FL.

    “I would highly recommend using his services to anyone looking to start working with the US government or to anyone looking for high-quality digital marketing work.”

    – Julio Sanches, DGM Florida General Manager

  • “The Archangel Group has provided my law firm top notch website development and online marketing strategies. I would recommend The Archangel Group to any law firm, or company for that matter, that needs a website or website redesign, or who engages in online marketing for their business. You cannot go wrong with this team. I give them five stars.”

    – Dax J. Lonetto, Sr., PLLC

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The Archangel Group is proud to have successfully completed the Veteran-Owned Small Business certification. The rigorous application process is designed to qualify veteran-owned small businesses who exhibit strong character and have a history of fulfilling its financial obligations.

The VOSB certification is available only for small businesses that are majority owned and managed by a veteran who is directly involved in the day-to-day operations. With this certification, veterans gain a competitive edge for winning government contracts and attracting customers.

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