The Archangel Group Pledges Support for Empowered by the Sun


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(October 15, 2019) Starting this past summer, business consulting firm The Archangel Group pledged its support for the emerging nonprofit initiative Empowered by the Sun, whose goal is to bring hands-on education about solar power and electricity to children across North America with the help of a solar-powered van named Sunny.

“When I heard what Will and Margarita were doing, I just fell in love with the idea,” said Ricardo Mong, Archangel Group’s CEO. At that time, Will and Margarita, the founders of Empowered by the Sun, had quit their full-time jobs in order to dedicate themselves fully to the project, and were conducting a Kickstarter campaign to collect the additional funds needed to bring it to fruition. Once he heard about this, Mong pledged several thousand dollars to the campaign to help them meet their funding goal, kicking off a dynamic relationship between the two organizations.

Since then, the Archangel Group has continued to support Empowered by the Sun (EBS) by donating time and money to its digital marketing and web development efforts, including the launch of a new interim website this past weekend. “This is only the start,” Mong said. “Followers of EBS can expect an expanded site in the near future. One that will build on the spirit of education these guys embody and help their grass roots movement really catch fire.”

As a former middle school teacher, Will–known to his friends as “Chill Will”–saw firsthand just how little public schools were required to teach kids about solar power and electricity. So he teamed up with Margarita, a lawyer and creative spirit from Puerto Rico, and shortly after, Empowered by the Sun was born. Together, they’ve created a unique curriculum, in the form of hands-on workshops aimed primarily at kids and teens, which helps “educate, engage, and empower” them to better understand and use solar power and electricity going forward. In addition, they create videos and online media that continue to build on those workshops and teach kids more energy skills anywhere in the world.

But it’s how they bring the workshops to these audiences, in a van named “Sunny,” that truly captures the imagination. Outfitted with four large solar panels on the roof, this electric van not only delights the people it meets, but also validates the EBS mission about what’s possible by driving solely with energy from the sun. As stated on their website, “Sunny empowers our youth with the knowledge, skills, and lifelong tools needed to not only understand how they can live and build a more sustainable life, but also continue to crave knowledge and think critically.”

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