Archangel Group Partners with Project Wren


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(October  7, 2019) Miami-based business consulting firm The Archangel Group announced last week that it will be entering into a strategic partnership with Project Wren, a recently launched web service that sells carbon offsets to subscribers.

When Archangel Group’s CEO, Ricardo Mong, became aware last month of the work that Project Wren was doing, he immediately reached out to the organization and started a dialogue about a potential partnership. “I just wholeheartedly loved what these guys were doing across the board,” Mong said. “Eco-friendly practices and environmental responsibility have been a cornerstone of our mission from day one. So the opportunity to join forces with Wren seemed too good to pass up.”

As part of the announcement, starting in October, The Archangel Group has committed to donating $100 of each client’s monthly subscription fee directly to Project Wren, to be applied to carbon offset initiatives. This arrangement will include both their existing subscriber clients and any new subscriber clients brought on board in the future.

“It’s important to us to put our money where our mouth is,” Mong said. “And not by just making a one-time donation. But by making an ongoing commitment to increase the size of our pledge automatically as our own business grows in the coming months.”

Started by USC graduates Landon Brand and Benjamin Stanfield, as well as current USC student Mimi Tran Zambetti, Project Wren’s mission, as stated on their website, is to “mitigate the climate crisis by building tools that help everyone understand and act against climate change.” To accomplish this, individuals and companies are able to pay a monthly subscription fee, choose a carbon protection project to fund immediately, and receive detailed updates about their chosen project every two weeks.

In addition to donating funds to Project Wren each month, The Archangel Group also intends to help create awareness of the web service among the general public through a variety of joint marketing efforts in the near future and throughout the coming year.

The Archangel Group is a full-service consulting firm that helps small- to mid-sized businesses succeed by offering a combination of strategies designed to accelerate stable growth, create awareness of brand, and improve overall operational health. Leveraging a diverse team of both military veterans and civilians, all with distinct capability sets, Archangel is able to connect clients with lucrative and reliable government contracts, future-facing strategic partners, and well-seasoned military veteran recruits.

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