What are Long Tail Keywords? The Key to Dominate SEO in Competitive Markets (Part 1)

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Let’s talk about how to win in the search engine ranks against tough competitors who already rank at the top. We’ll cover what are long-tail keywords and a few other strategies to help you optimize your site for search.

In the first part of this two-part post, we’ll cover the fundamentals of finding great keywords. In the second part, we’ll lay out a step-by-step process for implementing this in your business.

What are long tail keywords?

Short tail keywords are two or three-word phrases, whereas long-tail keywords are longer phrases of 4 or more words. To give an example of a long tail keyword, I’ll use the long tail keyword we are optimizing this exact blog post for.

The main keyword used in this post is “Long tail keywords”. You’ll notice that keyword in the blog’s title, the first paragraph, and the first sub-heading. Now you’re seeing how keywords can integrate naturally into pages in order to optimize them for SEO.

The long-tail keyword we are using is “What are long tail keywords”. You’ll see this 5-word keyword phrase in the blog’s title, the first paragraph, and the first sub-header.

Long Tail Keywords Are Important

The reason long tail keywords work so well is you cut past the competition. The competition only focuses on main difficult to rank keywords, and they are all fighting over the same big phrases. By finding those long tail keywords, you can grab the easy SEO opportunities and rank for these phrases.

The more ranks you achieve for long-tail keywords, the faster you’ll move up the ranks for the main keywords too.

Finding Long Tail Keywords

Focus first on your target audience and consider what they are searching for. We know people seeking this article are interested in “Long tail keywords”, and therefore they’d also be using the phrase “what are long tail keywords”. Therefore, we chose these keywords to target.

We’ve laid out 10 simple steps to use long-tail keywords to increase your search engine ranks, and we’ll tell you them in the second part of this post.

If you’re interested in optimizing your site for SEO using a long-tail keyword strategy, reach out to an expert at The Archangel Group and we’ll give you a targeted keyword strategy that will work for you.